Having been born in the small Welsh town of Brynsiencyn on October 12th 1955, Maynard Glass was forever fascinated with the supernatural and occult. Every night before he was tucked into bed, Maynard was enthralled by his Grandfather’s traditional stories. These myths of Druids that had once walked the nearby countryside, healing, ailing and concocting would forever impact Maynard. Weekends as a youth were spent retracing those footprints and pondering new ones most often at the nearby Bodowyr Burial Chamber, a structure not 10 km away and eerily similar to Stonehenge. Maynard excelled in all school subjects but found himself specifically drawn to history and religion in his spare time. He was the youngest in his graduating class and his intense fascination earned him a scholarship in Theology and medieval history at Oxford. There too he excelled finishing his degrees in 2 years with a majority of the countries academics taking great notice. By the age of 20, offers piled in from the continent and overseas however it was simply funding and freedom that Maynard desired. It did not take long before he was contacted and accepted an offer from the University of Exeter to do his Master of Arts in Western Esotericism.  There he spent his time researching and studying, his work taking him to places such as the holy land and the continent (most notably Germany). Having finished his degree Maynard accepted a position teaching at Exeter for several years before accepting yet again another position, this time at the University of Toronto in 1979. It was throughout his time in Toronto that Maynard did the majority of his writing. Although it was restricted mostly to articles and essays (most notably on the Rosicrucians, Freemasons and the Ordo Templi Orientis) Maynard and his writing quickly became popular. Several years after accepting tenure, Maynard retired and now lives in Collingwood, Ontario. He has now decided to release some of his research and works that were never published in the form of a debut novel, the recently released “Mystic Devices”.